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Message From CEO

Talking Beauty with Edwin Tseng


My name is Edwin and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a little about myself and Racinne.
I founded Racinne to encourage and enable people around the world to recognize and celebrate their own innate beauty. After years of working within the beauty industry, I noticed that many women seemed dissatisfied with their appearance, often seeking extreme measures such as plastic surgery and diets in their pursuit of magazine-defined “beauty.”

True beauty extends far beyond physical appearances. I believe that beauty is confidence. Beauty is the pursuit of wisdom and self-worth. Beauty is happiness and laugh-lines. You are the only “you” in this world – the most beautiful “you” – and I believe that deserves both recognition and celebration.

Edwin Tseng profile photo

Racinne was founded on principles of self-respect and authenticity, and my personal mandate is to empower people to have healthier relationships with their skin. Beauty does not belong only to the rich or the famous; it belongs to everyone.

These are things that I believe in and these principles are what Racinne is made of. If you believe in these values as well, I invite you to explore Racinne and to celebrate your indisputably beautiful skin.


Edwin Tseng
CEO of Racinne