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The Secrets of Korean Skincare

July 10, 2017

Korean women are known for their luminous, clear, seemingly ageless skin. Obviously, not every single Korean woman was born with a flawless complexion. A lot of the covetable skin qualities are thanks to K-beauty wisdom that’s been passed down from generation to generation as well as a dedication to self-care. Yes, the multi-step Korean skincare […]

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Your Summer Skincare Routine: K-Beauty Style

June 16, 2017

Summer is finally here and not a moment too soon. With beach days, barbecues and days spent lounging by the pool, the season has so many perks. Yet, the rising temperatures, sun exposure and long swims can leave your complexion bouncing back and forth fighting environmental stressors from a variety of sources. The last thing […]

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Wedding Skincare: How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Big Day

May 15, 2017

It often seems like you’re juggling endless little details when you’re planning a wedding from coordinating with vendors to making sure your bridesmaids are all on the same page. To top it all off, of course you want to look absolutely stunning on your big day and in the wedding photos you’ll treasure forever (and […]

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Spring Break Skincare: Tips for Vacation-Ready Skin

April 25, 2017

The trees and flowers are in bloom and the chill is giving way to milder weather which can only mean one thing: spring! Many of us will be heading off on holiday in celebration of spring break. While maintaining a good skincare routine on vacation is important, you can use it as an opportunity to […]

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Why you Should Switch from a Winter to Spring Skincare Routine and How to Do It

March 16, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to shed those dry patches and rejuvenate your facial skin before we welcome the sunny summer days. For those of us who have trouble battling problems such as acne and sensitivity, adjusting your skincare regimen is essential as we approach warmer weather and being exposed to more sunlight. The concept […]

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Korean Beauty Double Cleansing Routine: What it is, Why it’s Important and How to Do It

February 20, 2017

Korean Beauty Double Cleansing Routine: What it is, Why it’s Important and How to Do It A dedicated K-beauty face routine that uses nutrient-rich, advanced skincare products is the key to getting the flawless, glowing complexion that centuries of Korean women have enjoyed. We talked before about the Korean skincare steps and you may have […]

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What Age Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Skin Products?

January 30, 2017

Ahhh. Our 20s. Many of us remember that decade as a time of glowing, youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Yet, believe it or not, it’s in our 20s that the natural aging process starts. We often hear people of that age ask, “Am I too young for anti-aging skin products?” The answer is no. Even in your […]

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Toxic Ingredients to Watch Out for in Your Skin Care Products

January 2, 2017

  You see a beautifully packaged facial cleanser sitting on the shelves of a well-known retailer. It’s obviously safe, right? An international skin care brand would definitely test each ingredient rigorously and wouldn’t it be illegal for it to be chock full of harmful chemicals? Actually, no. While every country has its own laws when […]

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The Worst Skin Care Myths

November 23, 2016

At Racinne Skin Care, our K beauty products are formulated using advanced Korean biotechnology so it probably comes as no surprise that we’re really, really into the science of skincare. We also believe in the power of proven, high-quality ingredients and tried and true habits for keeping skin looking young, fresh and vibrant. The keywords […]

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The Science of Wrinkles

October 21, 2016

Aging is something most of us try to avoid, or at least do gracefully. When it comes to our skin, aging manifests itself in telltale wrinkles, fine lines, irregular pigmentation, rough texture and laxity. While it can’t be avoided completely, the signs of aging can be slowed down. At Racinne Skin Care our K-beauty products […]

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