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Callus Cultivation Technology

May 27, 2014
Racinne is very proud of the innovative ingredients we use to make our skincare products that are high quality and leave your skin radiant. We work with scientists in Korea using the most beneficial ingredients for the skin and leading technology to develop optimal formulas in each of our products. Terms like nelumbo nucifera extract, cereus grandiflorus and brassica campestris oil are in our everyday vocabulary. We know our customers want well researched, effective skincare products but don’t always understand the details of what’s in the moisturizer they use every morning. While there are many ingredients you can let us worry about, there’s one term we want to break down for you as it’s very innovative; Callus Cultivation Technology.

As we age, our skin cells lose their ability to regenerate and remain supple and tight. We work with scientists in Korea using ingredients and leading Korean biotechnology to develop optimal formulas in each of our products. When a plant is damaged, cells form a callus over the wound and heal it, growing over the breakage to repair and restore tissue damage and return the plant to its natural state. In the beauty industry, callus extracts can be used to repair damaged skin and help the skin retain elasticity. When callus cell extracts are applied to skin, skin cells are energized, restoring the skin’s youthful and healthy glow. Unlike conventional plant extracts, plant callus extracts do not contain pesticide residues or contaminants.

Callus Cultivation Technology” is a powerful formula exclusively developed by Racinne based on rare plant callus cells.

By using these highly active healing agents for strong antioxidant activity, Racinne’s products promote the skin’s elasticity, effectively strengthening the ability of skin cells to retain moisture while preventing signs of aging. Using rare plant callus extracts along with other effective active ingredients enables Racinne’s products to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to promote regeneration, improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin while increasing suppleness and improving luminosity leaving skin texture smooth.

We know customers want visible results.

In each of our products, Racinne ensure a powerful blend of key active ingredients provide high quality and functionality with measurable benefits to the skin. Our highly advanced active ingredients are derived from nature and backed by scientific research to deliver unique and results-oriented skincare for our customers. Who knew science and beauty were so closely linked?!


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