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How to Create a Night Time Ritual for Relaxation

October 2, 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Is stress becoming a constant factor in your life? It’s time to slow down, schedule in some personal time, and try some relaxation techniques. Studies have shown that spending 10-15 minutes a day to relax can reduce anxiety, reinstate calmness, and increase positive feelings.


With our demanding lifestyles, it’s more important than ever to find time for some peace and serenity. In today’s blog, we have a night-time relaxation routine you can incorporate into your daily life so you can unwind your mind and body even on the busiest days.


The Importance of Calming the Body:

Cortisol is a stress-inducing hormone which is useful in the mornings to get us out of bed and in the afternoon when we need to be productive. However, you don’t want this hormone to be active at night. It can cause alertness which prevents our body from relaxing and resting. Luckily, there are relaxation techniques you can try before hitting the sack.


“Only when we’ve relaxed your bodies, can we start to relax our minds.”


Make it a Rule to Turn off all Digital Devices:

It’s hard to disconnect in a world where we must always be in the know. Constantly checking our emails, social media, and text messages can cause unnecessary stress and the blue light emitted from the screens of digital devices prevent the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.


Make it a hard fast rule to turn off all gadgets before starting your nighttime ritual. Absolutely no cell phone, computer, or TV usage after 7 pm. Start your nighttime routine with no distractions at 7:20 pm. (Of course, you can modify this time depending on your schedule).


Pamper Yourself:

Spoil yourself with this K-Beauty Skincare Routine. Not only is taking care of your skin a great way to relax, the benefits also pay off long-term. Porcelain, ageless skin does not happen overnight, you have to invest in daily skincare rituals for the results to really show.


End your night of pampering with a hot salt bath or try a bath bomb infused with calming scents. Who says you need a man or woman to spice things up? You can create a romantic atmosphere yourself with the right right soundtrack and candles. Racinne is giving away free candles and they make the perfect capper to your night of self-indulgence.


Lastly, thank your body for carrying you through the day. Stretch your muscles to relax them and get them ready for bed.


For the Mind:

Write Down Your Thoughts

A great way to put your mind to rest is to write down any lingering thoughts in a journal. Some things you can write about include what you’re grateful for, today’s accomplishments, and a to-do list for tomorrow. The key is to keep your thoughts positive and clear unfinished tasks from your headspace. When you’ve finished journaling, mentally tell yourself “I’m done for today. Tomorrow is another day”. This will help turn your mind off work-related thoughts, and you won’t be thinking about it in bed.



Meditate for 5-10 minutes to clear your mind completely. There are some apps that can help you like Simple Habit and Headspace.  Just simply follow the meditation guides on these platforms to free yourself of worries or anxiety.


Mindful breathing

Place your hand on your abdomen and inhale deeply. Pause at the top of the breath and exhale slowly. Repeat this process several times until your breath has slowed and your body feels more relaxed. As you slow down your breathing, your heart rate will also slow down, and you will feel calmer.


Nature Sounds That Soothe

The best nature sounds are of ocean waves and falling rain. Your body’s senses are alert to new sounds for only a brief while and become desensitized after hearing the same sounds for any longer than a few minutes. Your brain gets tricked into being “bored” and easily falls asleep.


Additional Tips:

Exercise helps boost endorphins (natural feel-good hormones) and reduces stress. Commit to sweating out for 20 minutes every day and you will notice how much easier it is to fall asleep.


Don’t use your bed for anything other than sleep as your body likes to link different environments with its associated activities. If you do other things in your bed such as watching TV or scrolling through your smartphone, you are conditioning your mind to be alert and awake. People who do various activities on their bed generally experience more difficulty falling asleep.


If you find yourself tossing and turning for over 15 minutes, get up and walk away from your bed. Find a light activity to do such as reading or journaling until you feel ready to sleep.

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