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Lady M massaging ion applicator – Iontophoresis

5 Unique Functions:

  • Nutrient Iontophoresis facilitates absorption
  • Micro-Vibration promotes skin firmness for a revitalized look
  • 5 minutes daily care with your favourite skincare serum for a visibly improved complexion
  • Facilitates absorption of skincare products for quicker results
  • Automatically operates when ion applicator is in contact with skin

The Ultimate Solution To Enhance Skincare Absorption

Lady M Massaging Ion Applicator is the ultimate solution to nourish skin for optimal skincare nutrient absorption. Utilizing galvanic current of and ions. Lady M is a non-invasive therapy that penetrates nutrients of serums and creams passed the skin barrier, restoring hydration and suppleness quickly and effectively.

What is Iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a technique that uses electric current to deliver skin care nutrients deep into the layers of the skin by regulating ion movement. Also known as "injection without a needle", it helps skincare nutrients absorb quicker and more effectively, leaving your skin looking and feeling luxuriously nourished.


Apply serum or eye cream on the eye and lip area with your finger. Using Lady M tip applicator to smooth product evenly using the below 3 techniques:
For LIFTING: Massage with Lady M tip applicator around the orbital bone in an upward and outward motion starting from the nose.
For ANTI-PUFFINESS: Apply gentle pressure using Lady M tip applicator on indicated pressure points around the eyebrow and eye area for 4 seconds on each pressure point, moving upwards towards the temple. When applying pressure, press and release slowly. Repeat 3 times at each pressure point.
For RELAXATION: Gently massage the temples in a circular motion with Lady M for 60 seconds. Repeat 5 times with slight pressure and slow release at the end of each cycle.
Ion massage automatically operates as it touches the skin, ensuring the finger touches the top part of the applicator (see model picture). Apply slight pressure for steady micro-vibration.
In upward lifting motion, use Lady M to massage your favourite serum or cream on the face, concentrating on eye and lip areas as part of your daily beauty routine. Galvanic ion helps push nutrients to enhance optimal skincare nutrient absorption.
Use 5 minutes daily for a youthful looking complexion.


  • Head (Chromium Plating)
  • Vibration motor inside the head
  • Shank with +/- Touch Pad
  • Weight: 20g
  • Size: 21 x 135 x 20 (mm)
  • Vibratory Motor: 9000 ± 2500 rpm
  • Power: 1 AAA Alkaline Battery
  • Continuous Operation Time: min 2hrs
  • Made in South Korea
  • 1 year warranty from date of purchase
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