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Sensitive Skin Toner Review in Elevate Magazine

July 29, 2015

Canada’s Premier anti-aging, enhancement and wellness magazine featured our Delicare Perfection Soothing Toner for sensitive skin!

Sensitive Skin Toner Review in Elevate MagazineThe article featuring Racinne skin care products was titled “Reasoning with Reactive Skin – Demystifying the widespread skin phenomenon” and shared 7 product recommendations for people with sensitive skin.

The author suggests the reader should “seek out the right products for your particular skin sensitivity and inflammation with our editor-approved recommendations” (Elevate Magazine)

Elevate Magazine reviewed and recommended our Delicare Perfection Soothing Toner – featuring it in the number 1 spot on their list of top 7 products. Here is what they had to say about our Delicare Perfection Series Soothing Toner for sensitive Skin:

“This gentle toner is incredibly moisturizing and fast-absorbing. Fragrance-free, it contains almond oil to smooth and sunflower oil for moisturizing.” (Elevate Magazine, JULY/AUGUST, The Couples Issue – Reasoning with Reactive Skin by Nicole Lippay)

Elevate Magazine is a health and wellness publication that focuses on anti aging treatments and procedures, both invasive and non invasive. Our non invasive yet effective skin care products made the cut with our Sensitive Skin Toner review being very positive! Racinne believes that natural and non invasive treatments can be just as effective as cosmetic procedures when it comes to restoring your youthful glow and fending off the signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots.