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Nutrient Selection Science

As we age the stem cells in our epidermis lose their ability to regenerate, resulting in cataplasia, that is, the degenerative reversion of those skin cells. Dermis tissues face an even worse fate in mature years as they die off and drastically reduce in number, preventing our skin from healing while also causing our skin to lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and dark spots.

Plant callus extracts are crucial to fighting the visible signs of aging, as they possess the ability to regenerate and differentiate into diverse cells types. Callus cells are those that cover a plant’s wounds. These cells help plants recover from tissue damage. In the beauty industry, callus extracts can be used to repair damaged skin and help the skin retain its elasticity. When such extracts are applied to skin, skin cells are energized, which helps to restore the skin’s youthful and healthy glow. Unlike conventional plant extracts, plant callus extracts do not contain pesticide residues or contaminants, which is a further benefit.


Racinne utilizes revolutionary “Callus Cultivation Technology,” a powerful formula exclusively developed by Racinne based on rare plant callus cells. By utilizing these highly active agents for strong antioxidant activity, Racinne’s products promote the skin’s elasticity, effectively strengthening the ability of skin cells to retain moisture while preventing signs of aging. Using rare plant callus extracts along with other effective active ingredients enables Racinne’s products penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to promote regeneration, improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin.