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R&D Innovative Anti-aging Research and Production

Utilizing seven years of dedicated research and development into state-of-the-art beauty technology, Racinne’s affiliated R&D laboratories perform innovative research and development on the anti-aging process and skin diseases using cutting-edge biotechnology. Our laboratories develop raw materials with high efficacy in anti-aging and therapeutical effects. Their products are functional synthetic peptides, plant callus culture extracts, recombinant proteins, and novel nanobiomaterials.


Racinne’s affiliated manufacturing facilities are the two largest cosmetic plants in South Korea and are dedicated to developing products using the latest technologies in the beauty industry. These facilities are CGMP- and ISO-certified, among other certifications, all of which demonstrate the world-class level of Racinne’s production and quality management systems.

Our products have been clinically tested by Ellead Skin & Bio Research.