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Anti Aging Neuropeptide SH-DP-9

SH-DP-9 is a synthetic neuropeptide exclusively developed for Racinne and represents the next step in advanced biotechnology.

As a breakthrough in skincare science, SH-DP-9 is a powerful anti-aging synthetic neuropeptide based on the fine selection of 60-plus peptides, a formula that effectively helps activate collagen and elastin production to correct fine lines and large pores. The SH-DP-9 formula also promotes cell density to resist against environmental free-radicals, facilitates nutrient absorption and stimulates blood circulation for youthful suppleness with a confident brilliant glow.

Utilizing “Advanced SH-DP-9 Synthesis” to integrate SH-DP-9 into its Ultimate Youth Power Series, Racinne is one of the few luxury brands in the beauty industry to use a synthetic neuropeptide in its products and is an example of Racinne’s conviction to deliver innovative and exceptional beauty products to enhance people’s natural beauty.