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Racinne’s 8-Step K-Beauty Collection pays homage to the daily skincare routines of many women in South Korea, who always daily set aside time to pamper their skin and well-being. This ultimate beauty gift is VALUED $271!  We have curated our best sellers of each step into a beautiful gift box. Perfect for gifting to a loved one or for yourself!

8-Step K-Beauty Collection— Winter 2016/2017 Edition
What’s in the box:

STEP 1: Double Cleansing – Delicare Perfection Soothing Cleansing Cream – $26 & Hydra Perfection Gentle Cleansing Foam – $25
STEP 2: Exfoliation – Relaunch in 2017 *no product included* We recommend using a homemade ground oatmeal, honey, and brown sugar paste.
STEP 3: Toner – Delicare Perfection Soothing Toner – $32
STEP 4: Serum – Youth Power Anti-Aging Serum – $68
STEP 5: Eye Care – Youth Power Anti-Aging Eye Serum – $32
STEP 6: Moisturizer – Delicare Perfection Soothing Cream – $35
STEP 7: Mask – Aqua Blanc Brightening Mask – $36
STEP 8: Sun Protection – Aqua Blanc SPF25 PA++ Protective Lotion $17

Our Anti Aging Serum is clinically proven*

In just 4 weeks, improve the look of wrinkles.

Over 95% of test subjects agreed Youth Power Anti Aging Serum was better than other anti aging products they’ve used.

*Clinical test conducted by Ellead Skin & Bio Reserach (South Korea)

Our Soothing Cream is clinically proven*

In just 1 week, improve skin hydration by 34%.

With instant improvement in skin barrier repair and protection, skin hydration increases by 34% after 1 week, and by 39.2% after 4 weeks.

*Clinical test conducted by BioScreen Testing Service, Inc. (USA)

Key Benefits

  • Deep clean and tighten pores
  • Calm and soothe skin
  • Boost collagen production and skin elasticity
  • Replenish skin’s moisture barrier
  • Reduce eye puffiness and dark circles
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines
  • Protection from sun exposure
  • Brighten skin and even skin complexion
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation

Vanessa, the Modern Mix

Korean skincare follows a customizable step-by-step regimen that hyper-targets skin issues from acne to aging. At the heart of Racinne skincare is the Korean beauty secret of combining science, a long rooted history in botanical knowledge and harnessing the benefits of unique ingredients in nature to stop free radicals, increase collagen and replenish skin for the ultimate healthy glow. Be sure to check out Racinne’s 8 Step Korean Beauty Skincare Routine.

STEP 1: Double Cleansing
Remove makeup and impurities with the Soothing Cleansing Cream. Massage onto dry skin and tissue off. Remove any remaining residue with the Gentle Cleansing Foam. Massage onto wet skin and rinse off with water.

STEP 2: Exfoliation
We recommend using a homemade ground oatmeal, honey, and brown sugar paste. (Product relaunch in 2017)

STEP 3: Toner
Help balance your skin's pH level and prep the skin to absorb your following skin care treatment

STEP 4: Serum
Repair damaged skin and boost hydration at the skin's deeper cellular level. This is the skin-perfecting step to address any skin concerns.

STEP 5: Eye Care
Smooth out fine lines and expression lines around the eyes.

Step 6: Moisturizer
Hydrate and seal in earlier treatments with the Soothing Cream.

Step 7: Mask
Apply a thin layer onto the skin, then sit back and relax for 15-20 min for maximum treatment and hydration.

Step 8: Sun Protection
Never leave home without sunscreen, even if you are exposed to the skin for just a few minutes. Prevent premature aging using sun protection.


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