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Why Watermelon is the Hottest Skincare Trend Right Now

August 20, 2018

Sweet and juicy, this pink fruit is often the star in outdoor picnics and dusky barbecues. Watermelon, also synonymously known as the ultimate summer fruit, carries great skincare and beauty benefits. It’s not surprising since this superfood is packed with tons of vitamins, rich in antioxidants, and carries a high percentage of water (approximately 92% of its properties is H2O).


The latest fruit to make its way into the center stage of Korean skincare, this pink superfruit is bursting with skin-nourishing ingredients. Like the fruit itself, watermelon-infused beauty products tend to be cooling, quenching, and ever-so hydrating.


Watermelon rinds can soothe aggravated areas of the skin. In Korean culture, it is a well-known tradition for grandmothers to cut thick slabs of the chilled fruit and apply it to the backs, legs, and other spots to soothe and cure heat rash or irritated skin. The rinds have the ability to reduce redness, calm inflammation, and even speed up skin cell regeneration.


Brimming with Vitamin A, E, C, and B6, this summer fruit can fast-forward healing of UV damage such as dark spots and dry patches.  Vitamin A and C can restore damaged skin after it’s been exposed to environmental stressors. Vitamin E is a rejuvenating antioxidant for the skin and can lighten hyperpigmentation, fill out fine lines, and help neutralize the effects of free radicals (sunburn).


All skin types can benefit from this superfruit. Since watermelon isn’t very acidic, is mostly made of water, and is a pure sugar, making it suitable for all skin types. It’s great for those who struggle with blemishes, flaky, or dry skin. This fruit is also a great anti-aging ingredient as it has the ability to lessen fine lines and slow progression of wrinkles.


It’s not the least bit surprising about the serious buzz around this pink juicy fruit. Watermelon is incredibly antioxidant-rich and is a great hydrating and soothing ingredient for the skin all year-round.


Are you going to add this pink superfruit to your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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